In 2020, when all seemed to be doomed and our planet was experiencing one environmental catastrophe after the other, we did the obvious – and started making fun and silly games.

Don’t get us wrong. Environmental issues are a serious matter. We believe that each and every spare minute people have should be utilized in solving environmental issues. And we know what you’re doing with your spare time. You’re playing fun and silly games, obviously. So we keep the fun and add the cause.

Many people might be skeptical regarding our intentions, please don’t be, we’re not an NGO – We’re here to save the planet, build the most amazing gaming company ever, and make a profit, so we can keep on growing in a sustainable, self-dependent way.

We’ve made a commitment to take action on three of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – goal 13 for Climate Action, goal 14 for Life Below Water, and goal 15 for Life On Land, this, while creating entertaining and enthralling games to captivate audiences around the world.